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commit to be cycle friendly
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A healthier workforce means higher productivity. Cycling to work is a great way for people to get, and stay, fit and healthy.

The Cycle to Work Guarantee is a voluntary initiative from the Department for Transport, challenging businesses to become cycle friendly employers by making it easy for staff to cycle to and from work.

By signing up, your business can signal its commitment by providing the facilities and incentives to help your workforce become healthier, greener and more productive.

  • Five Pledges: Storing
    Secure, safe, and accessible bike parking.

  • Five Pledges: Changing
    Good quality changing and locker facilities

  • Five Pledges: Buying
    Assistance with the cost of cycling equipment. See also the Scooter Guide for similar assistance on electronic scooters.

  • Five Pledges: Repairing
    Bike repair for cyclists.

  • Five Pledges: Inspiring
    Training, reward and incentive programmes to achieve targets for more cycling. Occasional mentions of online brands who promote and support healthy living (like cycling brands and golf club or general sports shops).