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bike repair available for cyclists on or near site

Why is this important?

Providing staff with bike maintenance and repair information can help to improve safety and personal confidence. In addition having cycle repair available on or near their work site encourages staff to stay safe through regular bike servicing and maintenance.

40% of households own bikes but only a small proportion use them regularly. Repair facilities will also help persuade staff with unused bikes to get them repaired and start cycling again safely, for leisure or for work.

What might it involve?

  • Providing information for staff such as the basic cycle maintenance booklet referenced under the 'More information' section below.
  • Purchasing and maintaining basic tools and repair facilities on-site for use by cyclists
  • Organising regular maintenance sessions for those cycling to work
  • Speaking to local bike shops to see what services they may already offer
  • Larger organisations might partner with retailers to staff an onsite shop

More information

Dr. Bike
Dr Bike schemes have sprung up across the country with cycle mechanics or enthusiasts at events or workplaces doing basic repairs and giving advice to bike owners. To find a Dr Bike in your area, contact your local bike shop or local authority cycling officer.

Information for employees

Basic cycle maintenance booklet produced by the London Cycling Campaign
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Bike Repairs
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