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commit to be cycle friendly
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an implementation plan including targets for take-up, training and incentives to cycle

Why is this important?

Businesses may have fantastic facilities for cycling, but changing people’s travel behaviour can be difficult. Persistent and consistent messages encouraging cycling and discouraging less sustainable modes will help to increase the numbers of staff cycling to work.

Employees will be encouraged to take that first cycle journey if the right incentives are put in place.

What might it involve?

There are numerous different incentives available to encourage employees to cycle to work, these might include:

  • Encourage bikeability cycle training
  • Providing a mileage allowance of 20p a mile for those cycling on business journeys
  • Providing free breakfasts for work cyclists (which are tax deductable)
  • Putting in place a buddy system or Bicycle Users Group to lead on workplace initiatives
  • Giving rewards for each work cycle journey

More information

Travel planning
The Essential Guide to travel planning 2008, information and advice on how to plan travel to and from work.
Department for Transport Essential Guide

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Mileage Allowance for cyclists
Employers can pay up to 20 pence per mile tax free to employees who use their own cycles for business travel.
HM Revenue and Customs: Rates and Allowances - Travel

Cyclist breakfasts
An employer can provide a free meal or refreshments up to six times a year on a designated ‘cycle to work’ day that would be exempt from tax.
HM Revenue and Customs: Exemption for bicycles and cyclists' meals or refreshments

Bikeability is the all new cycling training scheme for the 21st century. Cycling is healthy and fun but it’s necessary to learn how to do it safely. This is why thousands of children will now have the chance to get their Bikeability award as part of a national scheme that is being rolled out across England. This training is entirely suitable for adults too. Why not find a trainer near you?

Bike Repairs
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Essential Guide to Travel Planning
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