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commit to be cycle friendly
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good quality changing and locker facilities for all staff who want them

Why is this important?

It is important to make cycling to work as convenient as possible for staff and this includes providing sufficient changing and locker facilities.

Showers and changing rooms can also be useful for other employees, including those who walk or run to work, or who exercise during a lunch hour.

What might it involve?

Employers can do numerous things to make cycling to work convenient for staff, including:

  • Providing lockers to reduce the amount of clothes, toiletries, etc, that cyclists have to carry with them
  • Installing showers for those travelling longer distances
  • Identifying a drying area for wet clothes or towels

More information

Many employers may already have showers and locker facilities that need to be made available or adapted to meet the needs of cyclists. And some local authorities provide match funding for installation.

TfL offer a comprehensive business toolkit with guides providing information to support Cycling within the workplace

Transport for London: Business Engagement Team