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commit to be cycle friendly
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secure, safe and accessible bike parking facilities for all staff who want them

Why is this important?

Providing somewhere safe, secure and accessible for staff to leave their bikes at work is the first step in becoming a cycle-friendly employer.

Well designed and convenient bike parking facilities also provides a message to all staff and customers that cycling is welcomed in the organisation.

What might it involve?

For employers looking to install cycle parking it is important that:

  • The location is close to building entry points
  • Stands are designed so both wheels and frames can be locked to something immovable in a position that is safe and dry
  • There are enough racks to go around as well as spaces for new riders

More information

Parking and Installation Guides

The TFL offer a comprehensive business toolkit which includes the Cycling for business and Pool Bike Guide that provide case studies and best practice on promoting cycling within the workplace, cycle parking selection and design, as well as detailed information on spacing, layout and security.

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Local Authority Grant support

Transport for London also provide a selection of free cycle stands for all employees in London to install on private land, for further information and details are available here. Many other local authorities provide grants to cover some of the costs of installing cycle parking. Please contact your cycling officer at your Local Authority to find out more.