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assistance with the cost of cycling equipment

Why is this important?

Large upfront costs associated with buying a bike or cycle equipment can be a deterrent for people wanting to start cycling to work.

Employers may wish to consider offering their staff interest free loans to purchase a bicycle and/or safety equipment.

The Government's ‘Cycle to Work’ Scheme can reduce the cost of a bike and safety equipment. Employers can help spread the cost of the equipment by leasing it back to staff over 12 or 18 months.

Employers may also wish to provide pool bikes for business use. Transport for London have produced a practical guide to setting up a work place bike pool which is available here

What might it involve?

  • Setting up finance and accounting treatment for the scheme
  • Identifying or partnering retail organisation
  • Consultation with bicycle users and interested employees
  • Making staff aware of the scheme and what is involved

More information

The Department for Transport has a Cycle to Work Scheme implementation guidance for payroll and HR departments. You can also search for schemes and suppliers in your area.
Setting up a Cycle to Work Scheme

Information on Electric Bikes

Cycle To Work scheme implementation guidance
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